PALINOX, founded in 1984 by Mr. Andrés Ferrer and fully dedicated to the research, design and manufacturing for all fishery industry derived sectors, offers a range of machinery for fish that undergoes an elaboration process before being sold.

PALINOX offers full guarantee on their equipments; they are entirely produced in stainless steel, completely water tight, and their sturdiness is ideal so that it can bear hostile environments with high levels of humidity.

PALINOX is specialized in the design and development of complete elaboration plants, achieving an incomparable level of quality, high productivity and cost efficient results for our customers; since we use the most advanced design and research systems.

Having such a big variety of machinery designed and manufactured by PALINOX facilitates us to reach wide diversity of needs within the fish processing industry, allowing our equipment to be introduced in the international market, and therefore obtaining very favorable results in exportation.  

Collaboration with other companies of the sector, has allowed PALINOX to consolidate as a leading company setting turnkey rooms, by speeding up the problem solving process when setting and starting-up, and offering important time saving in their design and construction.

All the components of our machines are designed based on joint team effort towards research, design and manufacturing, obtaining outstanding results in terms of sturdiness, quality and performance.
Our machines are manufactured completely in stainless steel, created and designed by a professional team of technicians, exclusively for the fishery industry, only selecting components of the best quality and creating worldwide guidelines in the manufacturing process.

This is all performed by our technicians with artisan care, focused on perfecting the end product with great quality components in all of our machinery.

The process ends after a thorough quality control performed by our technicians, who run the roughest work tests through each machine, in order to provide a full guarantee certificate and to avoid any problems that may arise once at our customers premises.

Regarding our machinery repairs, shall they be needed, PALINOX has developed a flexible collection and express delivery system, and should there be any problems to move the machinery, or shall the repair be too urgent to move it, our technical service, available 24 hours a day, will go where the repair is needed, and solve the problem as promptly as possible.