About us


PALINOX S.L. (today PALINOX INGENIERÍA Y PROYECTOS, S.L.) began as an auxiliary maintenance workshop for well known companies, providing a solution to all their requirements, whilst forging and acquiring good knowledge of the business.

From the day it was founded, with the support of the fishery food sector and with the recognition of many of the most important fish procreator companies (nowadays in our customer's portfolio), we have been able to evolve and make more profitable all manufacturing and assembly workshops, as well as optimize our ENGINEERING department.

Offering the most complete and effective engineering with our team of electrical, mechanical and IT engineers, and our own department of cooling engineering, PALINOX is prepared to set up large central cooling stations of great cooling power, using all currently permitted refrigerants, including ammonia, chlorofluorocarbon (freon) and Co2.

PALINOX INGENIERÍA Y PROYECTOS, with this technical potential and with the team effort from the whole staff, wants to continue offering customized solutions; optimizing the profits and helping you become more competitive by improving your company’s productivity performance.

30 years in the industry provides us with great expertise, and our professional motivation pushes us to keep on working, designing, manufacturing and researching new equipments for you.