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Lines / Cooking lines

We manufacture cooking and cooling lines with several different systems: by showers, by continuous immersion and by immersion with hoists.
Shower system
With our system of cooking by showers (MC-SHOWER) the product is not submerged in water, but it is sprayed by showers, achieving a fast and effective cooking excellent for delicate products.
From the output tape we go directly to the cooler (EN-SHOWER) without having to manipulate the product again.
With the same characteristics but with smaller dimensions and powers, we commercialize them for blanching of squid rings and others. They are compact high performance equipment, totally manufactured in stainless steel.

The standard configurations are for 300, 500, 750, 1,000 and 1,500 kg / hour.
Continuous immersion system
In this case (MC-INM-PAL) the product is completely submerged in water as in a standard kettle, but it is fed and unloaded by means of ribbons, maintaining a classic cooking by immersion but without the need to assemble and disassemble baskets.

The standard configurations are for 300, 500, 750 and 1,000 kg / hour.
System of baskets and hoists
To start cooking, or for small productions, we have our cooking system for baskets and hoists.
Our cooking kettles (MC-INM-C) are high performance and high calorific equipment. It incorporates a large combustion chamber made of gas-oil and gas-oil models made of refractory material plates of 1200ºC that cover 80% of the tank, perfectly sheltered with thermal insulation of rock wool and with a tight cover, also isothermal, it achieves a total use of heat, giving a high thermal inertia that benefits the quality of the product (especially when it comes to octopus).
By means of an air hoist we would pass the baskets of the kettle to our cooler (EN-INM-C).
The standard configurations are for 200, 500 and 750 liters of water.
*All Kg/h are an example and are calculated based on shrimp productions.
Below you can see in the images several examples of line configurations and standard technical sheets of complete lines.
Full customizable
All our lines are full customizable to adapt them to your production room and to the rest of your needs.
Our team of engineers will provide you with all the necessary power and supply calculations together with the detailed drawings of the same.