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Lines / Freezing and glazing line (Forced Air)

Within the forced air freezing tunnels and depending on the type of product, the room space and the rest of your needs we offer you 3 general configurations depending on the freezing tunnel that is used (spiral, linear or linear for large productions).

Also depending on these same factors we recommend one of our glaziers (GL-ECO and GL-BAS).

It is always good to finish the line with our BREEZE-C drying tunnel specially designed for that line.

With spiral tunnel SPIROBLOW

It is a very configurable and dimensionable line, especially for processing rooms with small dimensions or complicated distributions. Recommended especially for freezing in IQF according to the height of the product.

The standard configurations are for 300, 500, 750 and 1,000 kg / h.

With CYCLONE linear tunnel

Linear forced air tunnel with our innovative cyclone system for air distribution and intelligent tapes. With it we achieve a perfect freezing in the center of the piece without sacrificing very high performance.

It serves both as a freeze block and as an IQF, and the standard configurations are for 300, 500, 750 and 1,000 kg / h.

With TORNADO linear tunnel

This tunnel is a version of the CYCLONE with its same features specially designed for high productions, both IQF product and block.

The standard configuration is for 1,500 kg / h in block and 2,000 Kg / h in IQF.

* All Kg / h are an example and are calculated based on shrimp productions.


Below you can see in the images several examples of line configurations and standard technical sheets of complete lines with each of the freezing tunnels.
Full customizable
All our lines are full customizable to adapt them to your production room and to the rest of your needs.

Our team of engineers will provide you with all the necessary power and supply calculations together with the detailed drawings of the same.