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Lines / Lines for cephalopods

We design fully automated lines for complete cephalopod processes, both for freezing in IQF and for automatic packaging in semi-conserve. They are perfect for all kinds of cuttlefish, squid or octopus.
Through our DS-INM defrosters we automatically defrost the blocks that we subsequently send to clean.
Peeling machines
Our automatic peeler (P-1000-AUTO) accelerates the work of peeling cuttlefish and squid and automates this task.
Evisceration tables
Once peeled, we proceed to eviscerate the cephalopod. Our evisceration tables with production control have comfortable work stations to which the genre arrives and goes automatically, quantifying in addition the production and shrinkage of each operator and removing waste equally automatically.
Washing and batting
From the table we automatically send the cephalopod to the washing and batting tanks (TBA-1000 + L400), where we clean and give body to the product by air and shovels.
Treatment tanks
If you need to keep the cephalopod for a while in treatment we have treatment systems in stainless steel tanks where you can also automate the loading and unloading system, additivation etc ...
Weighing and packaging system for semi-preserved cephalopods
If the product is going to be packaged as semi-preserved, our automatic weighing and packaging line will save you unnecessary movements, also accelerating your productions. It has an automatic water and ice filling system.
Fin separator (for squid and squid)
If we start with squid or squid with skin and fins, we need to remove the fins before we can peel it automatically, so we designed a productive fin separator (SA-1000) that accelerates this process.
Strip or ring cutter
We also automate the process of cutting strips and rings adding if necessary our cutting machines CA-440 and CP-400.
Below you can see in the images several examples of line configurations and standard technical sheets of complete lines.
Full customizable
All our lines are full customizable to adapt them to your production room and to the rest of your needs.

Our team of engineers will provide you with all the necessary power and supply calculations together with the detailed drawings of the same.