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Lines / Other complete lines

At Palinox we have the technology to fully automate all processes that encompass our machinery. Several examples of complete lines would be:
Complete lines for cephalopods.
We automate the defrosting process, separate fins (in the case of squid), automatic peeling, cutting of strips or rings (where appropriate), evisceration, cleaning and batting, treatment and finally semi-preserved or frozen packaging, sorting and final packaging.
Complete lines for cooking.
In the case of shrimp cooking, we have multiple options to automate all processes with our comfortable shower system: thawing, cooking, cooling, freezing, glazing, drying and packaging.
Lines for fresh shrimp.
For fresh shrimp we offer several options for screening and sorting for subsequent freezing in blocks of 2 or 10kg and final packaging.
Complete lines for octopus.
We have an octopus line that consists of: defroster, cleaning and batting with double outlet (for fresh or cooked octopus), cooking, cooling and packaging.

Below you can see in the images with these and other configurations of complete lines.
Full customizable
All our lines are full customizable to adapt them to your production room and to the rest of your needs.

Our team of engineers will provide you with all the necessary power and supply calculations together with the detailed drawings of the same.