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Chiller by immersion, baskets system.
It is a high-performing and compact equipment for fast cooling, specifically designed for cooking processes and prawn freezing (shrimps). Through a stainless steel metallic structure and 12 baskets, with a capacity for 5 and 6 kilos each.

It is a meticulously studied equipment, and perfectly balanced to get the best performance out of it and a product in optimal conditions. Each machine is equipped with, plate exchangers to cool the water. These considerably improve the performance when compared to tubular exchangers. A powerful agitator which recirculates the water or brine and cools the product immersed in the interior of the baskets quickly.

The tank is made from the most resistant stainless steel available on the market, perfectly heat resistant with expanded polyurethane and painted with epoxy resin, which cover up any holes avoiding any humidity getting in and subsequently internal freezing.

It includes an electrical control panel for controlling the temperature.
The equipment doesn’t have a lift system built-in.
Other features
- The option of choosing the linings with blue-coloured resin is very resistant to knocks.
- Little water consumption, closed circuit.
- Easy access for cleaning.
- All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing legislation.
- Doesn’t need complex works.
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