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Fish gutting and filleting station with software for performance control.
It is a totally equipped work station, and prepared for cleaning jobs (gutting and filleting) in a production line, its main feature is the monitoring of the workers' performance, knowing in real time how many kilos of fish have been cleaned and the average per hour.

Thanks to a weighing system located at the end of the conveyor for the processed product, and through a computerized system it shows at all times from which work space it has come from, allowing us to know how much production is carried out. It is possible to save historical data and print it out, getting an itemized list of performance details.

The standard number of work spaces is 8, 10 or 12, but more workstations can be added if needed.
Other features
The unit is equipped with:

-A fish feeding conveyor.
-A conveyor for the processed product.
-A conveyor for each operator.
-A blue plyethylene plate.
-A moveable tap.
-A weighing conveyor.
-Worm screw waste removal system

It also includes software installed on a 12 inch touch screen. Control panel
with all the required guarantees in accordance with existing regulations. Easy
access for cleaning.
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Fish gutting and filleting station.