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Drying tunnel for forced air line.
It is a compact tunnel machine equipped with new technologies and with materials of great resistance to the environmental agents found in the process plants.

Ergonomic, easy to install and handle, specially designed for our IQF freezing lines.
Equipped with the power duly calculated and dimensioned according to the needs of each situation, it incorporates a stainless steel tube evaporation battery and compact aluminum fins with a train of helical fans.

Long period of work without defrosting the battery (14/16 continuous hours). The transport belt that is incorporated is made of stainless steel with high resistance to corrosion and driven by stainless steel pinions.

It is supplied compact and quick to install, as it includes the compact 100 mm sandwich container with two-sided polyester plate and high density expanded polypropylene.

All the materials used in its manufacture pass the resistance tests of a conventional process plant.


They are manufactured in four standard models for different productions ranges that comes from 300 to 1,000 kg / hour, with a meticulous study for each order and product.


It is designed for any food product which requires an IQF freezing process. Highly recognized in the fishing industry and proven with a high note for its performance in other sectors such as bakery, pastry and meat.


No work and quick to install. The engineers of PALINOX have achieved with this design a safe, practical and reliable equipment. We have taken into account the harsh working conditions and the low temperatures to which it is subjected, which is why it is sold in almost all our orders, compact and protected in an isothermal container, since there is no another better method to resist the changes of temperature, thus solving the problems by bumps and cracks in the ground and gaining a high power of isolation and saving energy losses.


They are designed to work with all existing refrige-rants in the market, (Freon, Ammonia and Co2).

The evaporators that are incorporated are stainless steel with stainless aluminum fin.

Customized powers are calculated for each one of the needs. It is necessary to add the air channeling system to the freezing efficiency, leading it to the belt where the product is.

A homogeneous friction of the air in all its perimeter allows to obtain an optimum performance avoiding costly dehydration losses.


The isothermal chamber is crucial for the savings and durability of these equipment.

It is manufactured with new generation materials, forming a fiberglass sandwich (GRP) and expanded polyurethane (D40) of 150 mm).

The floor inside is hardened and reinforced with epoxy resins granulated with quartz sand. The polyester plates are composed of a fiberglass reinforcement, impregnated with a thermosetting resin and a gelcoat coating on both sides, in order to avoid the risk of fiber outcrop, plate abrasion and loss of translucency.


PALINOX engineers are aware of the adversities that processors have to go through, and of the dependence that many companies have on these equipment, mainly in the fishing and meat sectors with perishable products, and more so if the plants are located in zones where spare parts and qualified personnel are scarce.

For this reason, we only use standard materials and recognized brands, taking care that they are present in all cities and countries of the world. Incorporating only thermal protections with great resistance to water (IP-67), it has diffusers for daily internal cleaning of the tapes, and on request, a group with a pressure pump can be incorporated, making disinfection even easier. It is very easy to access inside and allows the entry of operators during the maintenance program.
Other benefits:
-Perfect for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to daily cleaning.
-Simple preventive maintenance.
-All the securities required according to regulations.
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