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Double linear freezer tunnel for 2kg metallic moulds and IQF.
For more than 20 years we have been designing and manufacturing linear tunnels that develop continuous freezing systems. We have the knowledge of the sector of shrimp processing plants and many other types of fish.
When it comes to freezing in boxes of 1 and 2 Kg we have observed a lot of waste both in terms of product and manpower when it comes to freezing in conventional static tunnels.

Palinox engineers have developed compact and dockable modules of linear and continuous freezing with a single section of stainless steel belts sectioned longitudinally in two with indistinct speeds (optional), being able to freeze cases (open covers) with various sizes to the same time.
The speed can be regulated according to the size and freezing time needs of shrimp or other products.

This highly efficient system makes it possible to considerably speed up the production of shrimp cases of 2 kg with an average size. It allows us to freeze it in a time of 60 to 75 minutes with productions of 1,500kg / h. The same equipment allows to freeze 2,000kg / h in IQF.

We incorporate new generation technologies with a precise study of the cooling capacities, a perfect flow of the air and a more than efficient exchange system adaptable to all refrigerant gases.

No less important is the Isothermal container that we supply in our equipment.


It is much more efficient if the process is carried out continuously from the beginning, in the sorter machine,controlling at all times the production and the product.


There is a dramatic increase in efficiency by freezing in metallic molds and in continuous, not only for the reduction costs of labour, but also there are advantages for consumers due to a higher product quality.
It is worth mentioning that this freezing system offers better results when dealing with product shrinkage as a result of dehydration, having better freezing and less shrinkage.

This moulds are especially designed to facilitate the unmolding step and carton box transfer. It is a deep freezing next generation equipment, designed and developed by PALINOX engineers to achieve higher efficiency and efectiveness in every fast freezing process.


One of the particularities, among others of great importance, is the air flow. Our channeling system allows you to get the most out of the product, creating a closed circuit and forcing the air to rub the top and bottom smoothly and intelligently. This causes the product to accelerate its freezing process and the temperature to act faster, reaching the heart of the piece earlier.

Our technical department has many years of experience so it has managed to incorporate properly a large evaporator with a train of perfectly calculated fans in the different models, thus providing the necessary air flow and pressure and ensuring its full efficiency.


In the different models for linear tunnel freezing, two completely independent conveyors are incorporated with the option to work at different speeds.
These conveyors are equipped with a lifting mechanism that allows the first section to rise in height automatically, thus avoiding the formation of compact groups when introducing the fresh product, often with excessive humidity and mainly in light weight products. The separation between pieces is vital to avoid wastage and optimizing the production performance. With our intelligent conveyor system we regulate the speed of the first section until the product exceeds the freezing point, thus allowing the second section to be gathered without the compaction of the product being a problem.

On the lower end tier, and depending on the product, the speed is reduced until reaching the desired temperature. Both tiers are equipped with a centrifugal vibration system which keeps the product moving, which is useful for small-sized pieces. In the normal operating position (straight), the product can be frozen in boxes and IQF.
Other benefits:
-Perfect for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to daily cleaning.
-Simple preventive maintenance.
-All the securities required according to regulations.
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