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Glazer with cooling equipment, fully equipped model.
Glazing machine with a built-in cooling system, compact, for manual production lines, incorporates all the necessary components to leave the fish at the highest quality. It works automatically, without needing to add ice. It is a compact equipment, which incorporates a refrigeration group, capable of keeping the water temperature stable during operation. Water temperature and conveyor speed parametres are easily adjustable according to the fish needs.

It has a watertight filter, removable, to clean without need to stop the line.A very special care was taken with its design when it comes to cleaning.

The conveyor is foldable and, optionally, has an electric lift to make the cleaning of the interior of the barrel much more easy. The barrel is made entirely of stainless steel, in order to be able to deal with the toughest working conditions in production plants. The ECO glazing machine has two water curtains to achieve an optimal glaze of the pieces and it has a special conveyor belt as well as a vibrator to prevent the product from sticking to the conveyor, which is a most recommended feature especially when dealing with small-sized products. The barrel is completely insulated with Armaflex and has wheels to assist when moving. For eqipment that is not used in a continuum line, the glazing machine has a detachable stainless steel tray for manual loading.

Optionally, the ECO glazing machine, which has 2 metres of bath, can have them extended up to 3 meters, and an additional shower may be added. Therefore, the glazer can optionally be increeased to a double bath, a requirement very often needed in small sized processing plants.
Other benefits:
-Perfect for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to daily cleaning.
-Simple preventive maintenance.
-All the securities required according to regulations.
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Glazer with cooling equipment.
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