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Isothermal Silo for Ice.
Silo for ice
For processing plants and sellers of fresh or refrigerated fish, keeping the ice in good conditions is not always possible, as the conservation conditions have to be optimal. Maintaining the temperature improves the quality of fish considerably.

For this reason PALINOX has developed the SILO-COMPACT, a compact equipment with a simple mechanism for extracting ice, without human effort, avoiding the opening of doors or manual loading. It is a compact and highly beneficial machine. The container is made to order, and is highly resistant to corrosion and knocks. The floor is made from very resistant epoxy resin. The interior has a tray with a mechanism for extracting the ice (worm screw). Through a regular vibration system the ice can be kept longer, loose and without it sticking together.

The self-supporting isothermal container is made with resin panels and insulated with polyethylene. Another advantage is that ice making machines can be attached to the upper part, and depending on the clients’ needs, up to two can be added.

Our technical department can advise you on the most suitable unit depending on your production needs as there are different models. We will also recommend the power for the most suitable ice making unit.
Other features
-Walls resistant against knocks and humidity, easy to repair.
-Ideal for hostile environments.
-Easy access for cleaning.
-All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing regulations.
-Doesn’t need complex works.
-Fast filling, 600 litres per minute.
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