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Vacuum transport system.
There are many types of fish and processes which benefit from vacuum transportation, eliminating internal decanting in boxes, speeding up processes and improving quality. Vacuum transportation and its applications within the food industry responds to hygiene and operating requirements which are required in this industry, with the equipment being supplied made out of stainless steel AISI 316L.

The basic operational principle of pneumatic vacuum transportation is based on a pump as a vacuum generator. The control of this pump as well as the rest of the system is automatic.

A shut-off circuit valve enables the vacuum to be generated in the hopper and in the transporting tube, starting the aspiration of the material from the point of entry: silo, hopper, or depositing tank.

During the transportation phase, the built-in filter prevents the water from reaching the vacuum pump and subsequently, the working area. It is a completely closed system. In the aspiration phase, the pressure container is filled with compressed air which will be let go once aspiration has finished.
Once the established quantity has been drawn off (by quantity or time), the vacuum pump stops, with the valve opening and the hopper discharging by gravity. At the same time the compressed air accumulated cleans the filter built-into the hopper.

Once discharging and cleaning is finished, a new cycle begins. There are many advantages and benefits which stand out, apart from getting rid of having to move boxes and containers around and clean them, enabling through pneumatic tubes and valves, discharging into the desired tank through a control panel, computerized and simple.

Depending on your needs and installations, the Palinox technical team, will help you by offering solutions.
Other benefits:
-Designed for máximum hygiene.
-High operating security.
-Flexibility and modular design.
-Minimum mobile components which reduced maintenance.
-Aspiration through compressed air with no need for other equipment.
-Low energy consumption.
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