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New isothermal container for ice

We present our new Isothermal Silo for ice, a self-supporting isothermal container made with resin panels and high density polyurethane insulation.

In the processing rooms of fresh and chilled fish, keeping the ice in good conditions is not always possible, since the conservation conditions have to be optimal.

That is why PALINOX has developed the SILO-COMPACT, compact equipment with a simple mechanics for the rapid extraction of ice without human efforts that prevents the opening of doors and manual loads.

The container is made to measure, resistant to corrosion and impacts. The floor is made of epoxy resin.

Inside, a tray with an ice extraction mechanism (worm) is incorporated. By means of a system of periodic vibration it is possible to maintain the ice more time, loose, without it being compacted or vaulting inside.

Another advantage is that you can incorporate the ice maker on top. The standard models that we have developed are for 5, 10 and 20 tons of ice.

Our technical team can advise you with the most suitable equipment, to give a satisfactory answer according to your production needs, since there are different models, depending on the production, we will advise you the power and the number of units to generate adequate ice.