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Freezing Tunnel

Freezing tunnel for big fish.

Cuttlefish complete process

Complete line of thawing, peeling, evisceration, batting and treatment, freezing, glazing and drying for cephalopod.

Cooker in continuous

Cooker in continuous by immersion with paddles (steam system). In the start-up it is used to cook shrimp.

Isothermal Silo for Ice

Silo dosing unit for filling bags and bins. It can be incorporated ice factory of up to 20 tn.

IQF IQF freezing & glazing line

Freezing line by forced air for IQF product. It consists of CYCLONE freezing tunnel, GL-ECO glazing machine and BREEZE-C drying tunnel.

Complete brine freezing Line

Full brine freeze line with forced air system driying tunnel for high productions up to 6000 kilos per hour.

Weighing and Packing Line for semi-preserved fish

Weighing line, ice supply and packaging for semiconservation.

Baskets system cooking kiln

Rectangular cooking pot with basket system. In this example, it is used to cook octopus.

Octopus slicer CP-400

Slice cutter for octopus and cylindrical product. Model CP-400.

Octopus curling and washing machine L-800 & L-1200

Designed for washing and cleaning octopus, for cooking or for fattening. They are manufactured with a draining chamber to give the octopus a perfect rinse, cleaning and formatting, leaving it with an optimal appearance and ready for cooking.

Gutting table with performance control

Line for cuttlefish peeling and washing with gutting table with performance control per operator.

Spiral freezing tunnel for bread

Freezing tunnel by forced air with spiral system, specially designed for the freezing of bread.

Strip cutter CA-440 for chicken

Version of our CA-440 strip cutter specially modified to cut chicken. Palinox always offers customized solutions for its customers.

Automatic conveyor with weight control

Automatic conveyor with weight control for receive and send product.

Hydraulic bin lifter

We manufacture hydraulic dumps with lateral or rear entrance, stainless and ideal to dump product to hoppers or belts.

Manual peeler P-500

Manual peeler for cephalopod and flatfish P-500. There is a version with water recycling.

Cooking boiler for shrimp with shower system

Complete process (shower system) for shrimps defrosting, cooking, cooling and brine freezing. IQF & baskets. High production 2000 kg/h

Peeling, cleaning and packing of cod line

Peeling, cleaning and packaging of cod line.

Vacuum transport system

Efficient and hygienic vacuum transport system.