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Kiln by immersion, baskets system for 200, 500 and 750 kg/h productions
Standard, high-performing equipment with a great calorific power. It incorporates, for the gas and gas-oil models, a big combustion chamber made with heat-resistant material for up to 1200ºC and covers 80% of the vat.

The heating system, generates heat through a turbine-like burner which ranges from 80, 100 and 120.000 Kcal/hour.

Perfectly covered with rock wool termal insulation and with a well-fitted lid, also isothermal, it manages to make full use of the heat, giving off a high termal inertia, which benefits the quality of the product, especially when it comes to octopus. For the preparation of prawns (shrimp), when we notice  the water is set at cooking temperature, the baskets with prawns are soaked. The time for recovering water temperature is at least 5/6 minutes,  depending on the load.

These models may also be made with thermal oil with a high calorific power and electrical resistors providing the same benefits as mentioned previously.
Other features
-Ideal for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to the interior for daily cleaning.
-Simple preventative maintenance.
-All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing
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