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CA-440- CONG y CA-2000-CONG

Fresh mantle strips cutter CA-440 and Frozen mantle strips cutter CA-2000-CONG
The CA-440 model is the strips cutter for rustic mantles, fresh and others.
Simple system for production. Only one cutting width, made to order depending on the customers wishes. The cutting block and roller are interchangeable, with the possibility of acquiring other parts with different cutting measurements. The change is quick and easy.

The CA-2000-CONG model is the frozen mantle rustic strips cutter and others.
It stands out for its motor power, roller diameter and special cutters, both made out of stainless steel. It is prepared for frozen cuts at -8 -10º C. Ideal for cutting, following freezing and glazing, allowing it to enter easily (IQF) into the freezing tunnels.

Simple system to use. Only one cutting width, made to order depending on the customers wishes. It is possible to acquire other parts with different cutting measurements, quick and easy to change.
Other features
-Made entirely out of stainless steel, both the rollers and cutters.
-Rolling block unit and interchangeable cutters.
-Ideal for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access for daily cleaning.
-Simple preventative maintenance.
-All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing
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