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Defroster by immersion.
High performing compact equipment for fast defrosting by immersion, with temperature control and length of stay. It is designed for more resistant fish such as: clean cuttlefish, dirty cuttlefish, squid, octopus and whole fish in general.

We manufacture various defrosting systems, specifically this equipment is aimed at 1QF or continuous block defrosting. Unlike other shower equipment, the DS-SHOWER model defrosts the fish, by immersion, dropping them directly into the barrel. It has a set of trap doors actioned by pneumatic pistons. The time they remain inside is adjustable. The process is automatic, from the moment it is placed in the barrel, until it leaves. A transporting conveyor, carries out this function.

It is equipped with a combustion chamber which keeps the water temperature constant. It can be built with gas, gas-oil, vapour or electrical resistor burners. In no case are the consumptions costly, as it is only to keep the temperature stable. It includes a powerful agitator for water recirculation with this being the main reason behind the defrosting. An important help comes from th compressor turbine, Model TUR-SLP, which generates, in adjustable periods, air bubbling.

It includes a control panel to regulate temperatures and operate the evacuation conveyor and opening and closing times of the trap doors. It is made entirely of stainless steel.

Our technical department, can advise you on the most appropriate equipment, in order to respond satisfactorily to your production needs, as there are different models with different capacities, dimensions and calorific powers, depending on your operational needs.
Other features
- The option to choose the linings with blue-coloured plates, improves the appearance long term. It is very resistant to knocks.
- Little water consumption, closed circuit.
- Easy access for cleaning.
- All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing regulations.
- Doesn’t need complex works.
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