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Fish defroster in continuous, shower system.
A compact, highly efficient equipment for rapid defrost, design aimed at small and medium size fish, with a defrost system by water showers. The heat exchange system is considerably better than any other systems. It excels processing delicate products such as seafood and others alike, due to its non harming process (not aggressive and preserves the aspect of the fish).

The length of stay in the equipment is very easy to control, allowing to obtain the desired temperature esily. It is equipped with a heating system and a panel to control the processes as required. It is worth mentioning that it does not require the expensive maintenance cost of pumps, because the water is propelled by a vertical shake, generating a great water flow.
Other benefits:
-Perfect for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to daily cleaning.
-Simple preventive maintenance.
-All the securities required according to regulations.
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