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Fish gutting and filleting station.
This station is designed for gutting and filleting fish and incorporates a waste material disposal system, particularly suitable for continuous production lines.

It comes equipped with an opening for waste removal through a worm bolt, a lower conveyor for easy acces of the operators to the fish and another upper conveyor for the processed product.

Each work station has a moveable tap, a natural polyethylene plate and a product tray. They are built for 6, 8, 10,12, and 14 work spaces. On request, equipment with more work spaces can be built.

It is entirely made out of stainless steel. The belts are built in hard polyethilene food-grade plastic.
Other features
-Ideal for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access for daily cleaning.
-Simple preventative maintenance.
-All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing
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Fish gutting and filleting station with software for performance control.
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