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Brine freezing tunnel (shower system)
It is a new generation ultra-freezing machine developed by the engineers of PALINOX INGENIERÍA Y PROYECTOS S.L. to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness on the fast freezing processes.

It is a continuous tunnel designed for reduced spaces and with outputs of 1000, 1500 and 2000 kg. per hour. It is compact, easy to carry and quick to install.
It is designed for all types of fish, but mainly for those of certain fragility such as shellfish and others that require to be treated with care. It allows to freeze in 2 kilos trays and in 10/12 kg shrimp baskets.

The shower system is not very aggressive and has a high temperature transfer capacity.

It incorporates an inter-changer of plates made of stainless steel and located inside the tank that through an efficient and simple system of water drive obtain excellent results.

Deep freeze:

Brine is the cheapest and most efficient system for freezing shrimp and other seafood and aquaculture products.

he features that this type of freezing offers due to the quickness of the heat transfer, enables freezing times to be reduced to surprising minimums, which in the case of shrimp is somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes to reach temperatures of -14 ºC and - 18°C with brine.

When the product freezes slowly, there is a risk of oxidation.

The ice crystals that are formed grow extracting water bound to the proteins, causing weight loss due to dehydration as well as breaking their fibers and cell walls (which leads to losing part of the nutritional properties).

Freezing in brine makes it possible to avoid this phenomenon and improve the yield of the finished product and the organoleptic quality, giving it a fresh appearance when thawed.

Freezing IQF:

Freezing in brine in addition to accelerating the freezing of the product individually allows quick thawing and thus avoid loss of time and dehydration of the product in the cooking line at destination.

Freezing in cases:

The freezing tunnel in brine (shower system) allows to freeze products in cases for distribution, using easy-to-use stainless steel molds.

Packing material:

In baskets of 10 kg allows packaging in cartons with 2 packages of 10 kg, improving the yield of the cooking line at the destination and reducing the amount of packaging material destined for destruction, thus favoring the environment.

Brine freezing tank, shower system:

With state of the art technology, it has an innovative water exchanger and impulsion system (without pump) and plate exchangers submerged in vats. 

Depending on the model, it is capable of propelling more than 300.000 l/hour of liquid brine with only a 22Kw agitator motor and an innovative system (patented by PALINOX ENGINEERING AND PROJECTS), saving on expensive maintenance and reducing the energy costs when compared with other models from our competitors.

Compact and self-portant design (optional):

No work and quick to install. The engineers of PALINOX have achieved with this design a safe, practical and reliable equipment. We have taken into account the harsh working conditions and the low temperatures to which it is subjected, which is why it is sold in almost all our orders, compact and protected in an isothermal container, since there is no another better method to resist the changes of temperature, thus solving the problems by bumps and cracks in the ground and gaining a high power of isolation and saving energy losses. (The isothermal container is optional for this equipment although its benefits are proven and recommended).

Maintenance and cleaning:

PALINOX engineers are aware of the adversities that processors have to go through, and of the dependence that many companies have on these equipment, mainly in the fishing and meat sectors with perishable products, and more so if the plants are located in zones where spare parts and qualified personnel are scarce.
For this reason, we only use standard materials and recognized brands, taking care that they are present in all cities and countries of the world. Incorporating only thermal protections with great resistance to water (IP-67), it has diffusers for daily internal cleaning of the tapes, and on request, a group with a pressure pump can be incorporated, making disinfection even easier. It is very easy to access inside and allows the entry of operators during the maintenance program.
It is a new generation ultra-freezing machine developed by the engineers of PALINOX INGENIERÍA Y PROYECTOS S.L. to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness on the fast freezing processes.

It is a continuous tunnel designed for
-Perfect for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to daily cleaning.
-Simple preventive maintenance.
-All the securities required according to regulations.
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