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Brine freezing tank by immersion, paddle system.
This is a high performing and compact equipment for fast freezing by sodium chloride (liquid brine). It is very useful for freezing processes in the fishing industry.

Ideal for freezing shrimp and prawns either cooked or raw, it is suitable also for others such as sardines. We manufacture various freezing systems but this machine in particular is aimed at continuous IQF freezing by immersion. It removes the manpower and the need of cleaning boxes.

Unlike other immersion equipment, this one freezes the shrimp directly without the need for boxes, baskets or lifts. All that is required is placing the product inside the tank with liquid brine and through a jumper strut train with four paddles, they immerse and transport the product to the exit, frozen in a record time, as the heat transmission is 100% without any thermal barrier. It is possible to control the length of time the product remains inside the tank automatically, depending on its size. The components which make up this machine make it effective and high performing. It has: a high-performing plate exchanger and an agitator, all of which are meticulously calculated.
Other benefits:
-Lined with blue resin plates and is very resistant to knocks.
-Ideal for hostile environments.
-Easy access for cleaning.
-All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing regulations.
-Doesn’t need complex works.
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