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Brine freezer tank by immersion, baskets system.
This is a high performing and compact equipment for fast freezing by sodium chloride (liquid brine). 

It was designed specifically for cooking and freezing prawns (shrimps). Through a metallic stainless steel structure and a 12 basket unit, with a capacity for 5 and 6 kilos each, in a record time of between 7 and 10 minutes the shrimp will be frozen and ready to for packaging.

The working temperature is in accordance with the percentage of salt, with it being at approximately
-18º C.

The tank is made with the most resistant stainless steel available on the market, perfectly insulated with expanded polyethylene and painted with epoxy resin which covers any pinholes preventing humidity from getting in and subsequent internal freezing.

It has a control panel for controlling temperatures.
Other benefits:
-Lined with blue resin plates and is very resistant to knocks.
-Little water consumption, closed circuit
-Easy Access for cleaning.
-All of the required guarantees in accordance with existing regulations.
-Doesn’t need complex works.
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