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Automatic squid and cuttlefish peeler
Standard unit, high performance and production. It is a high tech machine for peeling cuttlefish and squid. Multifunctional for both these processes, it is designed to be part of a continuous line, in order to get the best performance out of the machine it is essential to incorporate a feeding hopper. It is capable of reaching production evels of 1.000 Kgs. /hour for squid heads, and for cuttlefish without fins of 900/1.000 Kgs. /hour.

It is a robust machine made entirely of stainless steel. All of its parts are meticulously designed. It has a water pumping and recovery system in order for the peeling process to be possible. The problem of discharging the peels has been resolved through a practical rotary filter system, allowing 90% of the water consumed to be recovered. 

It is possible to adjust the speed of the roller, the feeding conveyor, the length of time the cuttlefish or the squid remains under in the blades or rollers, depending on the size of the material.

The marine version for installation in boats.
Other benefits:
-Perfect for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to daily cleaning.
-Simple preventive maintenance.
-All the securities required according to regulations.
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