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Cuttlefish, squid and fish peeler with water re-circulation system.
The skinner model P-500 is a robust equipment, reliable and effective. With high efficiency demonstrated, its versatility ensures the ability to skin a great variety of fish which requires to be skinned fresh, with effectiveness proven on fish such
as ray, sole, halibut, cuttlefish and others. Its continuing presence in the market throughout the years is its best endorsement.

It is a standard equipment, with high resistance to harsh working conditions and environments, all of its electrical parts are in compliance with the IP-65 specifications, and are accordingly protected against humidity by making
them watertight. The serrated rollers are manufactured with high precision machinery, have been rectified and have also received a bath of chromium vanadium.

The P-500-MP model incorporates a tubular stainless steel table for skin disposal.

Model P-500+RE has a table equipped with a jet for skin disposal and with a pump for water recirculation,generating a saving on consumption.
-Perfect for hostile environments with high levels of humidity.
-Easy access to daily cleaning.
-Simple preventive maintenance.
-All the securities required according to regulations.
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Cuttlefish, squid and fish peeler.


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